Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Item And Update!

HAI JAMMERZ! I've got one new item and
the new update for you guyz today! The new
update's pretty cool. They made a new costume
for the Costume Corner! Ok, take a look! :-)

(Sorry for the bad pic). There's
a new Zios Fountain at the Chamber
of Knowledge! I think it's pretty coooool.
Nice den item, don't ya think? Lolz. It costs 750
gems and is for members only :-)
Now, here's the new update! Take a look! :-)

The new turtles have finally come! I like them, their
cute. Lolz xDz :-).

Also, there's a new Pet's Only Party!
(This pic is from Animal Jam Fiery). Pets everywhereeeee!

There's a new Den Contest!! AJ seems to be having a lot of contests lolz. It's not a bad tjhing though. It's good that jammerz can express their thoughts.

Next page:

There's a new Costume for August! Imma have to check it out.  Also, there's a Summer Carnival Sale! There'll be low prices so quickly go and get your prizes b4 the sale goes away.
Everything at the Summer Carnival will soon be rares, so be sure to get everything!
Next, we have the Monthly Gift! I've seen the
statues in dens, they're pretty big!
And lastly, just some stuff on AJ Outfitters! :-)
Keep Jammmmmmmmmming! Lolz HEHE.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Stufffffff!

HELLO JAMMERZZZZ! Stall here <3 :-). I'm kinda in a rush right
now because Scout (Scout=horse, Name=Scout, Type of horse=stallion)
tumbled over and hit the metal fence when an eagle swooped down right
next to him D-:. But he's ok. He's just got a big scar on his left leg....:P. Ok,
ANYWAYZ lolz, take a look! :-)

There's a new Raccoon Tail at the
Summer Carnival! It costs 15,000
tickets and is for members only. I
like it. It reminds me of the Tail
Armor lolz. :-)

There's the Rare Pirate bandanna for
Rare Monday today! It costs 750 gems
and is for NONMEMBERS TOO. <3 :-).
It's an underwater clothing item. :-)

There's a Golden Sword and Golden Tiara at Epic Wonders

The Tiara is very similar to this Tiara
that can be found at jam Mart Clothing. :-)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Items And Moderator Invites!

HAI JAMMERZ! Sorry it'z a late post I'm alwayz really busy
in the summer lolz. Ok so, I've got a couple new thingz for you
today. I'm inviting some mods to the Scoop and there are obviosuly
some new itemz. Ok, take a look! :-)

There are new Sandy Seashells in
Sunken Treasures for 400 gems! They
are for memberz only. Pretty cool. =D

There's a new Fridge at Jam Mart Furniture!
All it's called is a fridge xDz. It costs 500 gems
and is for members only. :P

There's a new Seaweed Boa at Bahari
Bargains! Fashionable, xDz! It'z like da
new THANG. Lolzzzzz. It costs 400 gems
and is for members only.

There's a new Kelp Tree at Sunken
Treasures! I think it's pretty nice...kinda
plain though lolz. It costs 450 gems and is
for members only.

Now, I have some new authors to invite to the Animal Jam Scoop! Below, I'm gonna list all the namez of the jammerz that I would like to join, you jammerz below, please join! Lolz. And if you wanna be an author on the Scoop, post a comment below saying you want to. Ok, here's the list! :-)

List: Ajrocks123, Livie and then a bunch of numbers I don't remember, ducier, Lehelter, Orcalver, Cottonball2, and bunnyman45608. Now, I'm gonna send you guyz invatations, once you all tell me your e-mailz. Please accept and if you are gonna be a mod you gotta post a good amount each week and do a post introducing yourself. Ok, thankz guyz! :-)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lotz Of Notices!

Hai jammerz!  I don't really have any new items for you today...I checked in the shopz and saw none. Then again, I checked really quickly xDz...So here's just some thingz I found :p...lolz....take a look! :-)

Here are the AJ Shamans:

(These pics are from Ozma00).

Peck the Rabbit Shaman, Greely the Wolf Shaman, Sir Gilbert the Tiger Shaman, Cosmo the Koala Shaman, Graham the Monkey Shaman, and Liza the Panda Shaman. My favorite shaman is Peck
<3 :-).

Also, I was logging onto AJ today and when I picked a server I got this:

It says: "All rooms for that animal type are full!
Please reload and try again." What the.....? It's weird
because this same glitch happened to Goldfishypuppy and
Trickertreee. What do YOU think this means? Are there soon
going to be seperate rooms for each animal type? Did AJ mean to
put this warning in a different update but by accident put it now???
I don't know...If you have any ideas for what this might mean, say your idea in a comment below.

Now here are some codes. I don't know if the
codez have expired or not. I'm guessing some
of them have...well good luck! Lolz. :-)

When you first log on to AJ you should see this:

Since I cut off the log in part of the pic here it is:

Here are the codez you can put in the codez slot to earn gemz and sometimez prizez:

• explore2012 (gives you 1000 gems)
• explorer (gives you 100 gems)
• gecko (gives you a Green Gecko Plushie)
• peskyphantoms (gives you 1000 gems and an Imprisoned Phantom)
• ngkidsrox (gives you 1000 gems)

Remember, you can only use the codez one time for each account. If you make another account, only then can you use the codez again to earn gemz and prizez. :-)

BAI GUYZ! <3 :-)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Winners Of The Drawing Contest And Part 2 Of The Drawing Contest!


HAI JAMMERZ! This is it, the winner from the Drawing Contest is here!
Or should I say'll find out what I mean by that. Hehe. Ok, take
a look! :-)


Ok jammerz, here's the thing, I could NOT find
out who to choose to win the contest I've gotten
many entries and I picked the top 3, but I can't
decide whose gonna win! So here's what I'm gonna
do. I'm gonna have a SECOND round for the Drawing
Contest! The top 3 jammerz who made it into the finals
will compete in that contest. Now, here are the top 3 jammerz
who will be competing! :-)

This lovely drawing by my good friend. It is good enough to be in the finalz!
My friend's name is: Wolfy and then a bunch of numbers I can't remember.
Anyway's, you know who you are Wolfy! I used green text to match the swirlz
lolz. Loved your drawing! :-) <3

This amazing picture is by one of my BFF's Puppyyears2000. Puppy
has made her way into the finalz! Give a big round of applause
to her! I used light blue text to match the neck item xDz. Delightful
drawing! :-) <33333

And this wonderful drawing is by Ajrocks123! It's either Ajrocks123
or Ajrocks1232 lolz. As you can see, I showed this drawing in one of
my earlier posts. I used brownish text to match the Koala lolz. It's a very
nice drawing! :-) <3

Ok so, here again are the ways you can show me your drawing for the contest:

1. You can use your email to send me your picture. My email is

2. If you have a blog, you can draw your picture, post it on your blog, and say that that's the picture
you want to enter in the contest. Then, once you have posted the picture on your blog, comment on my blog and tell me to look at your blog to see the picture.

3. I don't think it works but maybe you can post the picture in a comment? I don't think they let you post pictures in comments though. Lolz. :-)


Poll And Followers List!

HEY JAMMERZ! Just wanted to tell you that I added two new things to the blog.
One is a poll to the right of the blog and the other is a followers list to the left of the
blog. The poll question is: Who should be the next Girl Jammer Of The Week? And as
for the followers list, please follow me! I just added the Followers List so like no one has
followed me yet. Only Bigcatsfoever. Ok guyz that'z all for now! Luv you guys! Bai! <3 :-)

The Polar Bear and I are waving goodbye! Sweet,
that rhymes xDz. <3

New Stuff!

HAI JAMMERZ! Again, sorry I wasn't posting. My internet is so slow.
Also, I was really busy. So let's get started! :-)

Here in Jam Mart Clothing we have the
new Knight Armor! It costs 550 gems and
is for members only.

Foxes are here! I haven't actually seen them, because the internet is so slow it's not letting me log on
AJ. But I'm GUESSING, they're cool. :-)

Join the club in July and recieve the Monthly Gift!

As you guys have all heard, there's a new pet coming to Jamaa! And that pet is, THE TURTLE! Look at these drawings of turtles that jammers have sent in. They've got talent! :-)